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M5T SIP Client Engine SDK

The M5T® SIP Client Engine SDK (SCE) is a complete SIP client implementation based on RFC 3261 and other IETF RFCs. It offers a suite of high-level C++ APIs that developers can use to integrate and customize SIP client functionalities into any type of device.

The SCE solves SIP signaling and SDP negotiation details, allowing developers to focus on the user/device interface and management functionality. Media Management is fully abstracted and can be implemented by customers to integrate the SCE on any type of SoC (Broadcom, TI, Marvell, etc.).

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Customers can also select to license the software-based M5T Media Engine option that includes the media engine from the WebRTC project.

The SCE is deployed in a wide range of networking scenarios, whether it is for custom-based, IETF-based or IMS-based telecommunications networks. There are a wide range of SCE options.

Single Code Base
The SCE offers a single multi-platform and multi-OS code base that can be deployed for any project. It support Windows, Linux, iPhone® / iOS, Android, and other operating systems. It supports Intel, MIPS, and ARM -based platforms. This increases developer productivity by offering universal SIP stack implementations.

The SCE and its options are fully portable across a wide range of OS and platforms. As depicted in the above diagram , the SCE itself (the "M5T SIP Client Engine" box in the diagram) offers the basic SIP signaling functionality, while the various options (the rounded boxes) are offered to complement the SCE. Please note that the options are delivered pre-configured into the M5T SCE. While the SCE and its options are fully portable, the M5T Media Engine Option has been ported to mobile and PC platforms.

Learn More
To know more about the SIP/SDP functionality offered by the M5T SIP Client Engine, please consult the M5T SCE Core section. Select one of the links below to learn more about the usage of the SCE within different solutions, which presents the SCE combined with different options:

  M5T SCE for PC Soft Clients - for Windows, Linux and Mac soft clients;
  M5T SCE for Mobile Soft Clients - for iPhone / iOS or Android mobile soft clients;
  M5T SCE for IP Phones - for voice or video enabled IP Phones;
  M5T SCE for ATAs - for analog gateways or IADs;
  M5T SCE for Marvell Avanta - Pre-integration of M5T SCE for ATA on the Marvell Avanta platform;
  M5T SCE for Embedded - for anything.

If you would like to learn more about the individual options, please consult the following sections:

  M5T WebRTC Media Engine Option - for pre-integrated media management on mobile and PC platforms;
  M5T UA-IMPP Option - for IM and presence services with XCAP management;
  M5T FECC Option - for Far End Camera Control client/server using H.224 & H.281;
  M5T FXS Call Manager Option - for management of analog lines within IADs and ATAs.