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VoIP Adaptors
Mediatrix VoIP Adaptors seamlessly connect analog telephones, modems, point of sales and fax machines to Voice over IP (VoIP) Networks.

Mediatrix 4100 Series
Mediatrix LP Series

VoIP Adaptors
VoIP Gateways
Mediatrix VoIP gateways integrates legacy PBX systems and PSTN local access to IP-based telephony systems.

Mediatrix 3000 Series
Mediatrix 4400 Series

VoIP Gateways
Mediatrix C7
Mediatrix C7 Series offers both adapter and gateway capabilities in one single platform for multiple SMB applications.

Mediatrix C7 Series

Mediatrix C7
Mediatrix iPBX Series is an Asterisk® based IP-PBX integrated with a Mediatrix VoIP gateway, providing SIP Trunk terminations for a remote Service Provider.

Mediatrix IP-PBX Series

VoIP Gateways
Session Border Controllers
Sentinel is a multi-service business platform bundling VoIP gateway and SBC capabilities on a robust and reliable platform that is scalable from 30 up to 600 simultaneous sessions

Mediatrix Sentinel

Softclients Apps
SIP-based client apps enabling multimedia communications over WiFi, 3G, 4G, and LTE networks.

Media5-RCS Business
Mobile Provisioning Server

Management Software
Element Management System designed to administer Mediatrix VoIP adaptors and gateways.
Management Software
Unit Manager Network
Developer Solutions
Software technologies for developing secure and feature-rich IP communication systems.
Developer Solutions
M5T SIP Client Engine SDK