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The Media5-fone® is a SIP client app that enables users to make and receive VoIP calls over Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, and LTE networks. It is interoperable with most IP-PBX systems and will transform your smartphone into IP-PBX phone extension.

The Media5-fone® allows Service Providers to fully realize the commercial potential of mobility and VoIP.

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Media5-fone   Media5-fone


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Easy to setup & configure:
  • Flexible Codec Configuration and Prioritization.
  • Authentication Username.
  • Dial Plan.
  • Pre-Configured List of SIP Service Providers.
  • Multiple SIP Accounts.
  • Selectable Ring Tone.
  • Customizable Tab Bar.
  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation / Automatic Microphone Gain Control
  • Highly interoperable
Telephony/Communications Features:
  • Make and Receive VoIP Calls over Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, and LTE networks.
  • SIP URI Dialing Support (e.g. sip: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).
  • Call Waiting / 2nd Call / Call Toggle.
  • Audio Routing (Loudspeaker / Handset / Wired Headset) / Mute.
  • Complete access to the native contact list.
  • Favorites / Speed Dial.
  • Call History / Contact Management.
  • Voicemail Integration / Notification (SIP MWI).
  • Hold / Resume / Redial.
  • In-call contact display picture.
  • Configurable DTMF (SIP INFO / RFCs 2833/4733 / RTP Inband).
  • Included: G.711 (uLaw &ALaw), iLBC.
  • Purchasable: Enhanced G.711, G.722 (Wideband), iSAC (HD), G.729 Annex-A & B.
  • Support for UDP and TCP.
  • Codecs: In-App Purchase Options Comparison.
  • Call Waiting / 2nd Call / Call Toggle / Call Transfer / Conference.
  • Switch between Multiple SIP accounts (one registration at a time).
  • Secured SIP Transport (TLS).
  • Secured Encrypted Media (SRTP) with SDES.
  • Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese.

Supported Devices

  • iOS:
    • iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. (Visit us on the AppStore for a list of supported devices).
  • Android:
    • Selected smartphones and tablets (Visit us on Google Play for a list of supported devices).


Getting Started is a easy as 1,2,3


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Install the app: Sync your device.
Configuration: Please download the User Guide ( For iPhone, For Androïd) for detailed instructions and useful information.


Allowing VoIP over 3G – Important note
Some mobile network operators may prohibit or restrict VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) over their data network or impose additional fees and/or charges when using VoIP over their network. Please ask your mobile network operator before enabling the VoIP over 3G feature. Please contact the Media5-fone Technical Assistance Center for any concern related to the VoIP over 3G.

In-App Purchase Options Comparison

The table below highlights the features that can be purchased and unlocked through Android Market or App Store to make your Media5-fone more powerful.






 Enhanced G.711, G.722 & iSAC


 G.729 A&B





 Make/Receive Call

 2nd Call


 Call Waiting


 Call Transfer


 3-way Local Conference Call




 Multiple SIP Accounts


 No Ad Banner


Security (TLS & SRTP w/SDES)



List of Options
O1: G.729ab codec can be optionally purchased.
O2: Supplementary Telephony Services can be optionally purchased (Telephony Pack).
O3: Support of multiple SIP accounts and Ad-free application can be optionally purchased (Unlock).
O4: Support of SIP over TLS and SRTP w/SDES for secure VoIP Calls can be optionally purchased (Secure Comm. Pack).

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Manuals: Information supporting operational usage of the units

Media5-Fone Users Guide (For iPhone, For Androïd)


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On-line user guide ( For iPhone, For Androïd)
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