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The Media5-RCS client app enables seamless communications on Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, and LTE networks. It is available on the iOS and Android mobile platforms and on Windows PC.

The app is IMS MMTel compatible and is interoperable with any RCS clients and devices including those conforming to the GSMA joynTM initiative.

With the Media5-RCS client, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) can offer innovative, flexible, interoperable services to end-users worldwide.





The Media5-RCS app features an array of services that are designed specifically for Service Providers looking to:

  • Increase revenues and ARPU by offering subscribers a package of new and unique services. 
  • Defend against Over-the-top paid services. 
  • Reduce churn rate.
  • Be at the forefront of innovation.

For end-users, the Media5-RCS feature set offers a better way to communicate with chat, messaging, network address book, and video calling. Users can now connect and personalize their mobile experience.


Features Supported Platforms Getting Started Specifications


  • Works as an Over-The-Top application.
  • Remote and auto-provisioning controlled by the Service Provider.
  • Intuitive User Experience.
  • VoIP and Video calls.
  • Works over Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, LTE networks.
  • Network Converged Address Book.
  • Presence.
  • Capability Discovery.
  • Chat (Instant Messaging) / Group Chat with Store & Forward.
  • Video Share.
  • HD and Wideband VoIP.
  • Image and File Sharing.
  • Private branding available.


  • iOS:
    • All iOS 6 and higher iPhone and iPod.
  • Android:
    • All Android 2.3 and higher Android smartphones.


  • iOS:
    • All iOS 6 and higher iPad and iPad Air.
  • Android:
    • All Android 2..3 and higher Android tablets.
    • All Android 2.3 Kindle Fire tablets.

PC Windows

  • Windows 7 & Windows 8:
    • All PCs equipped with today's multi-core processors that support .NET Framework 4.5, a 1 GHz or faster processor, 512 MB of RAM, 100 MB of available hard disk space, a Video Card with DirectX 9.0c support and any Windows compatible multimedia devices (Microphone, Speakers, and Camera).


If you are a service provider or an operator interested in evaluating the Media5-RCS, please let us know by contacting us through the Product Inquiry form on the left.

Easy to setup & configure:
  • Sign-in with Secure Auto-Provisioning.
  • Remote Provisioning Management.
  • Highly interoperable.
Telephony/RCS Features:
  • Make and Receive HD VoIP / Video Calls over Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, and LTE networks.
  • Call Waiting / 2nd Call / Call Toggle / Call Transfer.
  • Hold / Resume / Redial.
  • Call Quality Indicator.
  • Caller ID and In-call contact display picture.
  • Voice and Video Conference.
  • Audio Routing (Loudspeaker / Handset / Wired Headset / Bluetooth) / Mute.
  • Network Address Book.
  • Group of contacts.
  • Personal Contact Cards with Avatar sharing.
  • Complete access to the native contact list.
  • Presence with mood sharing.
  • IM / Chat with Emoticons and Emoji.
  • Chat delivery notifications.
  • Chat with Store and Forward.
  • Group Chat.
  • Image and File Sharing.
  • Call, Chat, RCS activities History.
  • Voicemail Integration / Notification (SIP MWI).
  • Invite Friends.
  • Voice: G.711 (uLaw & aLaw), iLBC, G.722 (Wideband), iSAC (HD), G.729 A & B, AMR-WB.
  • Video: VP8, h.264.
  • RCS / joyn Blackbird compliant.
  • RCS / joyn Capability Discovery.
  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation / Automatic Microphone Gain Control.
  • Robust Video Engine with AVPF support.
  • Secured SIP Transport (TLS) / Secured Encrypted Media (SRTP) with SDES.
  • Multiple language support.
  • Multi devices support
  • Flexible Licensing models.
  • Private branding available.