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Mediatrix 3000 Series

Mediatrix 3000 VoIP gateways and SBC (Session Border Controllers), featuring R2 CAS E1, ISDN E1 PRI, T1PRI, BRI, E&M E1/T1 PRI, or FXS/FXO interfaces, provides an ideal solution for enterprise voice applications or for connecting to a service provider’s broadband access.

The Mediatrix 3000 VoIP gateways integrate legacy PBX systems and PSTN local access into IP-based telephony systems.




The Mediatrix 3000 Series ensures the quality of service by establishing calls through a secondary server or through the PSTN when the primary server is temporarily unavailable.

Network Demarcation

Mediatrix 3000 monitors the quality of service and provides enhanced troubleshooting tools to understand and resolve failures affecting the service.

SIP Normalisation

The Mediatrix 3000 Series normalises SIP signaling protocols supported by vendors into a single well-defined interface that can be adapted to any specific IMS or Softswitch implementation.

PSTN and Legacy PBX System Gateway

With flexible configuration of telephony ports (FXS, FXO, BRI, and PRI), call-switching, and user-defined call properties (including caller/calling ID), the Mediatrix 3000 smoothly integrates into existing legacy PBXs and incumbent PSTN networks.



  • Facilitate TDM replacement projects, fully migrating to SIP or integrating the current legacy equipment
  • Ensure security, protection against fraud, and interoperability for SIP trunk deployments
  • Provide survivability and QoS in Hosted Unified Communications/PBX deployments


  • Safely connect branch offices and mobile workers to the enterprise PBX or UC system
  • Perform SIP normalisation translating any vendor implementation into a single well-defined SIP interface
  • Allow cost-effective and profitable SIP deployments in a smooth integration with legacy telephone systems

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Key Features

Carrier-Grade Voice Quality

T.38 and clear channel fax over IP
High performance processing of up to 60 voice channels

Easy Configuration and Management

Zero-touch configuration
Intuitive Web GUI

Robust Security

Enterprise communication encryption
SIP-enabled firewall inspects and authorises communications and prevents DoS attacks


Dual-stack IPv6 and IPv4
NAT, firewall, and router capabilities

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Technical Specifications

SBC Sessions Maximum 25 media sessions

  • Survivability
  • Encryption (TLS/SRTP)

Registered Users Maximum 120

  • No extra license required

Voice Channels Up to 60 channels

  • Up to 2 E1/T1
  • Up to 14 FXS
  • Up to 12 FXO

Network Interfaces 5 x 10/100 Base-T
Ethernet RJ-45


Model Telephony Network
Mediatrix 3404 5 BRI 5 ETH
Mediatrix 3408 10 BRI 5 ETH
Mediatrix 3631 1 E1/T1 5 ETH
Mediatrix 3632 2 E1/T1 5 ETH
Mediatrix 3731 1 E1/T1 + 7 FXS + 1 FXO 5 ETH
Mediatrix 3732 1 E1/T1+ 6 FXO + 2 FXS 5 ETH