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Mediatrix 4100 Series

The Mediatrix 4100 Series features VoIP adaptors that interconnect analog telephones, faxes, and modems into SIP based systems.

The Mediatrix 4100 Series allows operators to shorten deployment time and ensure a highly secure environment to enable cloud telephony services into branch offices and SMBs.


Based on current configuration


The Mediatrix 4100 Series allows Service Providers to rapidly deploy, at lost cost, their solutions in medium-size enterprises, as well as being the ideal solution for branch office connectivity to larger private networks.

The Mediatrix 4100 Series has the additional benefit of supporting high compression codecs simultaneously on each analog voice port, saving valuable bandwidth. The Mediatrix 4100 Series also offers features such as TLS, SRTP, certificates management, and HTTPS designed to bring enhanced security for network management, SIP signaling, and media transmission.

In addition, an intelligent PSTN bypass allows Mediatrix 4100 users to make emergency calls and maintain their phone service in the event of a power outage or network failure. (The feature is available only for Mediatrix 4108, Mediatrix 4116, and Mediatrix 4124 units.)


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