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SBC for Skype for Business

Does your company want to use all the Skype for Business features, such as professional meetings and collaboration, keeping the investment in the existing on-premise legacy equipment? With Mediatrix Sentinel 400 SBC for Skype for Business it is possible.

For many businesses, implementing Skype for Business into their current networks can be challenging, especially when companies have made a huge investment in analog and digital phones, faxes, modems, and PBX which are all incompatible with Skype for Business.


In some cases, replacing the existing equipment can be lengthy, expensive, and could make the migration unaffordable in the short-term for small and medium companies. A safe and cost-effective alternative for its replacement is to implement the Mediatrix Sentinel SBC to offer direct SIP connectivity between existing enterprise telephony infrastructure, Skype for Business, the PSTN, and SIP Trunking services.


What We Offer

Mediatrix Sentinel is a multi-service business platform bundling Session Border Controller and Media Gateway capabilities into a robust and field-upgradable platform.

The Media5 gateways are Microsoft Lync Certified, which provide any company that use them with the ability to connect other legacy telephony equipment, PSTN lines and non-compatible SIP endpoints to the Skype for Business and take advantage of the Unified Communications environment.

Sentinel SBC for Skype for Business offers the complete coverage of customer needs with interoperability, survivability, and low cost compared to on-premise equipment replacement.



Main Benefits

  • Secure Communication through encrypted media and signalling
  • PSTN connectivity and access
  • TDM and IP-PBX integration
  • Preserve investment in existing legacy telephony system
  • Interoperable with a large variety of end-points
  • Integration with fix and mobile end-points, headquarters, and branch offices
  • Survivability and quality of services for Unified Communications
  • Connection for remote users through NAT Traversal
  • Flexible routing and SIP Header manipulation
  • Protection against fraud attack

Taking Advantage of Skype for Business Unified Communications


Mediatrix Sentinel allows companies to take advantage of the complete Skype for Business feature-set of Unified Communications, because it is interoperable with legacy telephony systems (PSTN and ISDN) and a wide variety of end-points.


Sentinel executes Priority and Class of Service tagging as well as traffic shaping to voice and data packets to insure priority treatment along the network. This reduces the occurrence of packet loss which has a direct impact on the end user’s perception of real-time communication quality.

With constant monitoring of the network availability, if the WAN goes down, Sentinel also forwards future communications towards an alternate destination such as a second Service Provider or a PSTN lifeline. This way, the fallback process will be seamless to end users.


Mediatrix Sentinel provides reliable communications by simultaneously maintaining access to separate networks. Sentinel establishes calls through a secondary server or through the PSTN when main servers are temporarily unavailable.

Ensure branch office local survivability, even without a local PBX or IP-PBX, internal calls will be managed by the Sentinel, as outgoing and incoming calls through a PSTN fallback.


Flexibility and Full Connectivity for the Use of  Skype for Business


Sentinel meets the requirements for any deployment scenario of VoIP services. It can be configured with any combination of BRI, PRI, FXS, and FXO interfaces. Sentinel can execute an extended set of actions to implement security policies, to adapt to different SIP implementations, and remotely perform advanced troubleshooting and monitoring.

Sentinel will connect non-compatible analog ISDN and IP telephony from branch offices and remote workers to your Skype for Business Server in your headquarters.


The Sentinel normalises the wide variety of SIP signaling protocols supported by vendors into a single well-defined interface that can be adapted to Skype for Business implementation.


Sentinel Virtual Machine support allows the integration of a Skype for Business server, evolving into a business-class multi-service platform, optimizing CPE investment while addressing complex customer solution needs.

SIP REMOTE USERS: SERVICES just as in the office

Solve Far-end NAT traversal problems and support call-forking, give access to communication services to home workers or travellers as if they were in the office.


SBC Protection for Skype for Business Networks


Sentinel controls and limits the amount of SIP sessions per network, per IP Address, or per single user, managing to identify and block unauthorised parties to access and make use of private services.

It also maintains Call Detail and Activity Records on a local database to keep log history for a period of time. Security logs and notifications can be enabled to alert, in real-time, the network supervisor from any detected anomaly.


Sentinel stands as a border controller between the enterprise and the public network, hiding the topology of private IP addresses and devices deployed on premise. It also provides secure communication through encrypted media and signalling. Any attempt to pass through this border is analysed and approved or rejected based on predefined established security rules.

Gateway for Skype for Business



  • TDM and legacy PBX integration
  • 1 WAN + 4 LAN Gigabit Ethernet
  • 8 slots for digital ISDN/R2 T1/E1 PRI, and analog FXS/FXO telephony cards:
  • 1-PRI Port card
  • 4-FXS Port card
  • 4-FXO Port card
  • DSP card (needed when using FXS or FXO)
  • Supports simultaneous SIP, ISDN, and POTS calls — plus T.38 fax
  • Internet gateway/firewall/router capabilities



With flexible configuration of FXS, FXO, BRI, and PRI telephony ports, call-switching, and user-programmable call routing (including caller/called ID), Sentinel smoothly integrates Skype for Business with existing legacy PBXs and PSTN networks.

Cost Savings with an All-In-One Customized Platform


With a very competitive pricing structure, Sentinel is placed as the most effective Pricing/Feature-set ratio on the range of 30 to 600 sessions.

It can be ordered as a single chassis with a basic configuration and later, telephony cards or licenses can be added according to specific needs.

Sentinel is a pay-as-you-go solution, permitting customers to align infrastructure investment with services demand and protect operation cash flow.


Our product is guaranteed for 3 years. Businesses can also opt for the benefit of advanced replacement during product lifetime.

Customers can define configuration and packaging options from factory, as well as full or partial branding, country certification and co-marketing activities for special projects.


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