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SIP Client Engine SDK for IP-Phones

M5T SCE SDK for IP-PhonesThe worst nightmare when starting a new project is not having clear requirements. IP-Phone vendors need to define what will be the modular architecture for the voice application, considering the SIP Stack, Media Engine, Call Manager, interaction with the User Interface, and certainly the provisioning and troubleshooting method. Developers will face several challenges when preparing a plan that will address all these concerns, in the most effective way.

Besides that, time-to-market is one of the most significant components in the decision making process to launch a new product for a defined market. Technical requirements are often planned with high expectations on when the product will be commercially available.

To address this complex situation, IP-Phone vendors have an important decision to make: Which SIP Client Engine SDK should be integrated to ensure mobility, security, easy management, but most importantly, faster return of investment while bringing customer experience to a higher level?

SIP Client Engine SDK for IP-Phones – What We Offer

Media5 collaborates with IP-Phone vendors by providing the M5T SIP Client Engine SDK, enabling the most reliable and secure SIP implementation of a wide variety of telephony components for any generic or tailored SIP implementation.

The M5T SIP SDK includes a rich feature set and the highest level of interoperability, helping developers to shorten the development time for the release of cutting edge SIP enabled IP-Phones while experiencing the best support service in the industry.

  • Quick Time to Market
  • Cost Saving
  • Easy Implementation
  • Reduced Risk


Media5-IP-Phone-SIP-client-engine-sdkAlmost any SIP-Based application is possible with Media5’s SIP Stack, Media Engine, and other components. And one of the biggest advantages of the M5T SIP Client Engine SDK is its flexibility. Media5 provides customers with training and recommendations on how to take advantage of the full potential of the M5T SCE during the integration process.

M5T architecture offers different integration levels starting from the SIP Stack, media engine, administration, or a complete customised solution. This represents another advantage for OEMs, who can make a decision based on the level of control and efforts they invest into their project.


The M5T SIP Client Engine SDK has been deployed in millions of devices worldwide; and almost every major vendor selected M5T technology for implementing SIP.

Very easy to integrate with simple scenarios, customers are able to build a working demo within hours. The majority of customers who tried the application, made the decision to include M5T SCE into their commercial platform.

Compelling Features for IP-Phones

Customers define the list of requirements their application is expected to support, usually driven by their business use-case and targeted market. Having participated in almost a thousand implementations, Media5’s team can bring useful and challenging arguments to customers, orienting architecture definition based on their large experience of products developed for small or large vendors in the last two decades.

Integrated on thousands of different environments, M5T SCE SDK has already validated a large number of technical specifications, compliant with a wide list of features, usually required by IP-Phone vendors.

Key Benefits for Developers

Collaborative Expertise

Media5 developers can provide industry proven recommendations and best practices that will lead the decision process to the most efficient path. The same applies for training and support during the development process, making Media5’s experience available to customers when needed.

In-house Software Development

M5T owns the intellectual property of the SIP Client Engine SDK and knows inside-out every detail of the code, therefore any kind of requirement from a customer can be addressed and implemented in the most efficient way that any SCE can provide.

Customer Satisfaction First

Media5’s motivation is not only to meet customer expectations in terms of requirement compliance, but to build strong and long term partnerships in order to become a resource of important value for SIP developers. Media5 is committed to customer support experience, going a step further when needed, contributing to the achievement of customer’s goals.