Sales certification course in Brazil


The two most recent Media5 partners in Latin-America, SigmaOne and Velans, have completed this year the Sales Training Course offered by the leading provider of IP-based communications solutions. In total, more than 50 employees from both companies, which are based in the cities of São Paulo and Curitiba (Brazil), respectively, have successfully accomplished the course and are now certified by Media5.

The course was offered onsite to different groups including: management, engineering, commercial, and service teams; and approached the telecom market, competitors, Media5 products, and technical matters. The Sales certification ensures that Media5 products and services are offered properly to the resellers and integrators, fulfilling the stringent international quality standards.

Beyond the Sales certification, Media5 has provided a training session on Mediatrix products to both distributors in August, focusing on setup, configuration, and troubleshooting, including different scenarios and use cases for Media5 gateways.

For next year, the global supplier plans to extend the training courses to more partners and customers as well as resellers and technology integrators in South-America and other areas across the globe.


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