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Media5-fone is the best and most comprehensive SIP Softphone to make and receive VoIP calls over Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, and LTE networks. It is interoperable with most IP-PBX systems and will transform your smartphone into a IP-PBX phone extension. Media5-fone allows Service Providers to fully realise their VoIP mobile communication potential.

Highly interoperable

Compatible Enterprise IP-PBX & SIP servers:

• Broadsoft (certified)
• 2600Hz
• Aastra
• Asterisk
• Ericsson
• FreePBX
• FreeSwitch
• Kamailio
• Nokia-Siemens
• OpenSIPS
• Panasonic
• Samsung
• sipXecs
• Sylantro
• Unify OpenScape
• And many more…

Read in News:
Media5-fone MPS successfully completes BroadWorks SIP Interoperability Testing.


Feature rich

HD Voice

Easy to setup & configure



  • Make and receive VoIP Calls over Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, and LTE networks
  • SIP URI dialling support
  • Call waiting, 2nd call, and call toggle
  • Audio routing (Loudspeaker, handset, or wired headset) and mute
  • Complete access to the native contact list
  • Favorites and speed dial
  • Call history and contact management
  • Voicemail integration and notification (SIP MWI)
  • Hold, resume, and redial
  • In-call contact display picture
  • Configurable DTMF (SIP INFO, RFCs 2833/4733, and RTP Inband)

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Key Features


The Media5-fone supports the MPS Auto-Configuration mechanism that makes the SoftClient configuration transparent to the subscriber. As a result, Media5 delivers the optimal sign-in user experience over Wi-Fi or Cellular Data.

Private Branding

The Media5-fone can have private branding to meet with Operators’ and Enterprises’ specifications (name, colour, icon, logo, etc.). Special features and use case adaptations can be delivered based on customer requirements.

Let's Keep in Touch

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Technical Specifications


Supported Platforms
  • iOS
  • Android


Setup and
Flexible codec configuration and prioritisation

Authentication username

Dial plan

Pre-Configured list of SIP service providers

Multiple SIP accounts

Selectable ring tone

Customisable tab bar

Acoustic echo cancellation and automatic microphone gain control

Highly interoperable

Codecs Included: G.711 (μ-law & A-law) and iLBC

Purchasable: Enhanced G.711, G.722 (Wideband), iSAC (HD), Opus and G.729 Annex-A & B

More Call waiting, 2nd call, call toggle, call transfer, and conference

Switch between multiple SIP accounts (one registration at a time)

Support of UDP, TCP and TLS (Secured) SIP transports

Secured encrypted media (SRTP) with SDES

Multiple language support