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MPS – Management and Provisioning Server

The MPS is the Management and Provisioning Server of the Media5 mobile and desktop SoftClients. Through a secured web portal, the solution allows operators, service providers, and IP-PBX integrators to manage all Media5 SoftClients deployments and configurations, hassle free.



The MPS provides operators, service providers, and IP-PBX Integrators with a carrier-grade, secured web-server, and web-based console that allows a central point of configuration to subscriber accounts, Client configuration, and reporting tools. The MPS supplies the Media5 mobile SoftClient with the user configuration so subscribers do not have to worry about SIP configuration details.

Automatic Device Configuration

With the MPS solution, Media5 provides the end-user with an easy way to enable the full power of the Media5-fone and Media5-RCS Client on all platforms without configuration hassles. The configurations are automatically applied on all of the subscriber devices over the air by hiding all deep technical SIP and network configurations.

Key Features

Private Branding

The MPS can have private branding to meet with Operators’ and Enterprises’ specifications (name, colour, icon, logo, etc.). Special features and use case adaptations can be delivered based on customer requirements.

Easy Deployment

The MPS can also be managed and hosted by Media5. No investment in software development, additional hardware, or extra resources are necessary to deploy the cloud-based MPS for the Media5 SoftClients.

Web API extensions allow the MPS to connect to virtually any existing subscriber database solution. Operators can therefore easily adapt their current management solution to the MPS and get the full power of the MPS for provisioning and deployment.

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Technical Specifications

MPS Interface Secured auto-configuration provisioning

Secured web management interface

Secured REST APIs for CRM and network integration

Setup and
Subscriber management

Unlimited subscriber group profiles

Terms & conditions management

Software update management

User roles

Licence management

More Redundancy

Zero maintenance

Subscriber, device log and statistics

Flexible licence model