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Boost Productivity with SIP for Business

Implementing SIP for business is a well-known, low-cost, and easy to upgrade corporate communications solution. By boosting productivity, workforce flexibility and security, SIP trunking has become the preferred method for connecting SIP telephony systems with service providers and businesses.

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Migrating to SIP can be done step-by-step starting from PSTN replacement in the service providers’ core network to gradually moving all corporate end-users to Hosted UC extensions. During the transition, you must ensure the quality of service, avoid interoperability issues, and maintain connectivity to remain focused on your business.

SIP for Business – What We Offer

Our VoIP Gateways, Phone Adaptors and Enterprise Session Border Controllers (E-SBCs) are engineered to reduce deployment and management costs while preserving the connectivity for voice and data over IP and protecting against fraud attacks.

The Mediatrix product portfolio is the safe and cost-effective choice for full SIP migration. It connects IP CPEs (such as IP-PBX, IP-phones, laptops, and mobile phones) to legacy equipment. Enterprises can migrate their entire infrastructure at one time or piece-meal, without having to completely upgrade all the equipment in their network at once.

If you are not convinced of the power of SIP for your corporate communications, here are some benefits to consider.


Main Benefits

tags15      Saving costs with PSTN line rental and calls.

Settings_Configuration      Minimal upfront investment for deployment.

Branch_Office2      Easily connect offices and remote workers.

Error_wrong      Avoid unnecessary replacement of gateways and adaptors.

Call      Ensure free calling between your branch offices.

Wi-Fi_Wifi      Boost high-quality connectivity with total security.

Link_Chain      Ensure business continuity with survivability.

Collect-100      Enable flexibility while controlling costs.

Positive Dynamic_growing_chart      Migrate step by step and gradually upgrade your equipment.

Level Up      Expand call and data capacity immediately according to your demand.


Migration Made Easy

If your company considers migrating to SIP and having all the advantages of this technology, Media5 is the experienced partner that your business is looking for. Our solutions address each phase of SIP Migration; ensuring interoperability, survivability, redundancy, 3rd party application integration, easy deployment and management, and high-quality service for both enterprises and service providers.

The following diagram is an example of a SIP-legacy hybrid telecommunication system.


The complete SIP migration occurs in both enterprise and service provider networks and can be made in one or several steps. There is no “better option” than another. Many enterprises are eager to adopt SIP but see their legacy PBX systems as an obstacle to the cost savings and benefits that SIP would bring.

Migration is 3-step process that enables an enterprise to move to a SIP-based multimedia communications system without completely replacing its existing PBX equipment:


Step 1 – Replace the PSTN



Before the SIP Migration, the legacy PBX is connected directly to the traditional PSTN. The first main change happens in the core network that will move to SIP. To connect from the new VoIP network to the current PBX, the SIP proxy routes any calls (as well as any calls to users remaining on the legacy PBX) over a high capacity connection (such as a PRI ISDN line or a T1 line) to the legacy PBX.

Initially your customers need to establish a connection from their legacy PBX to the SIP trunk or their legacy phone equipment directly to the Hosted PBX. In order to make this connection, service providers and enterprises can count on Mediatrix devices to establish a high quality communication between their core services and analog or digital customer premise equipment.

Step 2 – Add applications and services


Now you can begin extending existing services. It does not mean that the company will replace all the phone devices by native SIP CPEs. A mixed approach is common. Here again, Mediatrix gateways and SBCs step in to easily connect legacy PBXs and new SIP services, and add IP-Phones, Softphones, mobile users, and branch offices, adding new and valuable communication features to enterprises.

Step 3 – Migrate to SIP


Now the telephony system is ready to be fully migrated to VoIP and establish SIP-to-SIP communications. In Step 3, enterprises will gradually move users to SIP extensions until all users are migrated. They will decide between installing an IP-PBX/UC system in the premises or use hosted services to make calls and use video, chat and sharing data on site and also remotely.

The Mediatrix product portfolio is the right choice when carriers and enterprises need a trustworthy solution to migrate to SIP.


Mediatrix’s Differentiators for Enterprises

Avoid interoperability issues with flexible devices

Mediatrix complies with legacy telephony specifications to smoothly integrate land lines, PBX systems, and analog and ISDN devices with IP communications systems, avoiding interoperability issues.

Save money investing only once for the complete migration

Mediatrix_sentinel_400_4_media5Our Enterprise Session Border Controller is recognized for its high quality, powerful feature-set, cost-effectiveness, and easy deployment with Zero Touch Configuration.

Sentinel can adapt to different situations and use cases for each phase of the SIP migration. This means that one Sentinel device can be deployed in several applications. For example, Mediatrix Sentinel can be used as a gateway connecting SIP trunks to analog phones or as an E-SBC to make sure that encrypted signaling and media are going in and out of the enterprise.

Ensure High Quality UC

Less resilient networks are subject to disruption and poor quality of real time communication services. The Mediatrix portfolio offers network recovery and quality of service to ensure connectivity between all users, on-site or remotely, and high quality UC anytime and everywhere.