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Voice over Wi-Fi


Voice over Wi-Fi has been proven as a cost effective and simple way to extend service providers voice coverage to smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other personal devices. In places where it might be difficult to provide Mobile Communication QoS, such as in remote urban areas, residential countryside, insulated building or basements as well as locations where there is a need to fully rely on carrier roaming networks, Wi-Fi Calling is the affordable alternative to communicate.

For many years, operators and service providers handled poor voice coverage with Femto-cells, distributed antenna system (DAS), or other costly infrastructure. With Voice over Wi-Fi, providers can solve this problem without expensive solutions while allowing them to enhance their mobility offering.

Extend your Coverage and Attract New Customers

Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWi-Fi), also called Wi-Fi Calling, is a setting on many mobile devices that enables calls to be made and received over a Wi-Fi network rather than over the cellular network. In addition to solving the problem of limited coverage, Calls over Wi-Fi are also affordable and attractive for users at home and travellers in international roaming.



The Media5-fone MPS (Management and Provisioning Server) is a comprehensive Mobile SIP Softphone application and the best solution for service providers aiming to offer Voice Over Wi-Fi to enterprises and consumers. It is available on iOS and Android mobile platforms as well as on Windows PC. Also, the Media5-fone MPS is interoperable with any SIP compliant SoftClients, Servers, and devices, becoming the right solution for different needs and use cases.



With Media5-fone, operators and service providers can offer corporate communication solutions to provide increased efficiency, better team collaboration, and mobile convenience to end-users. Voice over Wi-Fi is also a good alternative for specific business needs in many vertical markets such as healthcare, finance, education, government, etc.

No matter which vertical, the Media5-fone MPS allows service providers and enterprises to use Voice over Wi-Fi with save costing and high quality of voice communications to inter-connect:

  • Branch offices in isolated areas
  • Basements and other points of weak cell coverage
  • Home workers
  • Remote users, such as travellers in international roaming
  • Corporate and personal devices (BYOD), without extra equipment investment

travelers_voice_over_wi_fiTo use the service, users simply install the application and enter the username and password provided by the operator or by the enterprise (in case of corporate use) to start making and receiving calls from any Wi-Fi hotspot around the world. Smartphones, tablets, and laptops can be connected to an IP-PBX and hold a phone extension or work as a regular mobile phone with no need of adding contacts or signing-up to a service. The application accesses the existing contact book or the available enterprise extension list sparing time to set up the service.


Media5-fone MPS Voice Over Wi-Fi Advantages

  • Cost-effective MPS solution deployment and fast time to market.
  • Expand your coverage in many indoor public and private locations without investing more in cellphone network infrastructure.
  • Make high quality calls with no SIM card.
  • Increase revenue by allowing operators to choose to charge additional fees to customers using the service.
  • Enhance your mobility offering, attract new customers, and sustain your customers’ loyalty.
  • Improve user satisfaction with HD Voice Quality and seamless handover of VoIP calls.
  • Prevent service erosion from OTT apps.
  • Capex savings for enterprise users with a BYOD solution, with no need of extra investment in Wi-Fi/VoIP phones or other hardware devices.
  • Be at the forefront of innovation. Most places where people spend their time are already covered by Wi-Fi access, and the biggest players in the mobile industry started offering Wi-Fi Calling as a default feature available in new devices. Very soon, all the world will be using this service.


With easy management and automatic provisioning, Media5-fone MPS simplifies the way of making and receiving calls all around the world using Wi-Fi. The solution easily integrates with operators’ existing management systems allowing a transparent and trouble-free configuration of subscriber accounts, client configuration, and reporting tools.


The Media5-fone MPS can be private-branded/white-labelled to meet Solution Provider specifications in regards to the user interface such as application name, logo, colours, icons, touch and feel, and with the addition of the provider special features or services.